This is when the real practice of Yoga begins by Cindy Zackney

fun-partner-boat-pose-bamYoga means Union. The teachings acknowledge and embrace the dark and the light. As teachers of yoga we are asked to uphold the values of nonviolence, compassion, humility and truth, as well as many other yamas and niyamas about self-regulation and behavior toward others. If you are angry and can’t hear that right now, I understand. But know that Kava Yoga has never been nor will it ever be a place for political divisiveness. Whether you are celebrating or grieving, an activist who wants to fight or a quiet being who just wants to feel part of a community. You have a safe place here to practice your yoga. I have seen and this morning continue to witness how this election season has caused great separation between people. I rely on my spiritual foundation, which is Yoga and Buddhism. And as yogis, we do not teach separation, we teach Union. So this week I encourage you to get on your mat, get grounded, centered and find your breath. If you are struggling to figure out how to feel or what to do, the best answer I can give you is what I ALWAYS say, and what I turned to myself: MEDITATE! Your best guidance will come when you get quiet and listen to your Higher Consciousness.  See you on the mat!


2 thoughts on “This is when the real practice of Yoga begins by Cindy Zackney

  1. Beautifully stated! Thank you Cindy for addressing a safe place to be as we deal with the aftermath of the election…we need more safe spaces in our lives.


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