Yes. We really do want to know about your injuries. Again.


“Are there any injuries or physical conditions I need to know about?”

Hear this question from your Kava Yoga teacher? Sometimes what we hear in response is ……………………crickets……………………

We have our suspicions why we hear crickets. Here are the reasons we think students don’t tell us about their injuries. Do you fall into any of these categories? Would you add any other reason to this list?

1. “I’ve mentioned my injury to a few teachers in a few classes so I feel like I’m being repetitive or annoying by saying it again and again.”

Nope! You are not being annoying – and repetitive in this case is a GOOD thing! We don’t always remember injuries our students have and we see quite a few people throughout a week. Always good to repeat them and don’t feel embarrassed…which leads me to…

2. “I’m a little shy and don’t want to discuss my issue in front of 10 other people.”

Totally understandable! But wave to the teacher and ask them to come over to you so we can discuss it more privately. We are totally used to that and it’s not weird to us at all. Like if a woman is newly pregnant and doesn’t want to announce it to the world, we get that. But TELL US ANYWAY because pregnancy (and many other physical conditions) require us to make modifications for you so you don’t hurt yourself or cause complications.

3. “This shoulder/knee/back/ankle/wrist thing is something I’m used to dealing with for years. I don’t mention it in class because I know how to manage it and modify my practice.”

Great! We know there are a lot of cases like this. However we might be able to a) offer a new suggestion you haven’t tried, b) be planning to give you a physical adjustment that could aggravate that injury and we don’t want to do that, c) might be planning to focus the entire class on that area of the body and it might be super annoying for you to modify the whole class without help. So mention it ANYWAY so we can work with you to make the class as enjoyable as possible!


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