Add “nap” to your to-do list

nap 1

A few years ago I wrote a blog about naps during the summer season. It’s worth a reminder. And if you’re the type who needs a reminder to nap, this blog post is for you!

The summer months bring Fire, and with it, a level of intensity that is tough for many of us with Fire in our constitution (did you read my blog about jalapenos?) Too much heat in the body, mind and spirit can create a “burning up” effect. Symptoms include irritation or frustration, skin conditions such as acne, heartburn, and a general feeling of exhaustion.

Now I know some of you, like me, think “just push through it.” I have a lot of Pitta (fire) in my constitution and we Pitta-types tend to push ourselves a little too much. I plan a bunch of tasks for my day and I can’t relax until I’ve completed them all. For exercise I love to swim in the summer months. And while I’m in the pool, it’s all good but when I get out? Sometimes I feel like “whoa that was a few too many laps.” And yes, I do love jalapenos and spicy sriracha mayo on my sushi rolls.

As some of you know, I also love to travel. Have you visited places near the equator where people take a siesta? Or the Mediterranean countries that shut down during the hours of 1-4? They’ve got the right idea! The middle of the day (10am-2pm) is known in Ayurveda as the Pitta time of the day. Ayurveda teaches us to slow down during these hot hours. Don’t go for a jog! Take a nap.

It’s been quite hot here in Long Beach over the last few weeks. And I have given myself  permission to nap when the symptoms of too much Fire strike me. During the hot months of summer, you, too, can add “nap” to your to-do list.


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